Mine subsidence districts

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What is a mine subsidence district?

A district is a land zoning tool administered by SA NSW under the Coal Mine Subsidence Compensation Act 2017 to help protect homes and other structures from potential mine subsidence damage.

Districts are proclaimed in areas where there are potential subsidence risks from underground coal mining that has occurred or may take place in the future.

SA NSW regulates building and subdivision works within districts to ensure new homes and structures are built to an appropriate standard that reduces the risk of damage should subsidence occur.

Building or subdividing within a district

If you are planning to build or subdivide within a district, you need to obtain prior approval from Subsidence Advisory NSW. Applications must be submitted and approved before you commence work.

Compensation for mine subsidence damage within a district

Subsidence Advisory NSW provides compensation for mine subsidence damage to buildings and other structures.

Structures that were built in an area prior to it being proclaimed as a district are automatically eligible for compensation for mine subsidence damage.

Structures built in districts after they are proclaimed must have been constructed in accordance with Subsidence Advisory NSW approval to be eligible for compensation.

Find out if a property is within a district

You can find out if a property is in a mine subsidence district via the NSW Planning Portal by following the below steps:

1. Search for the property by street address or Lot and DP.

2. Once the property is displayed on the map and the address is shown under ‘Property Details’, click ‘Planning Layers’ to the left of the page.

3. If the property is in a mine subsidence district, ‘Mining Subsidence’ will appear as a layer in the top section under ‘Planning Layers’. If the property is not in a district, the ‘Mining Subsidence’ layer will not appear under ‘Planning Layers’.

4. Click on ‘Mining Subsidence’ to view the name of the relevant mine subsidence district, i.e. ‘Newcastle’ and show the district on the map viewer.

Information obtained from the NSW Planning Portal is provided for general information purposes only and does not replace the need for a section 149 Certificate.

Revised mine subsidence districts announced

Mine subsidence districts (districts) across NSW were updated in 2017 to better reflect areas where there is potential for subsidence.