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SA NSW development guidelines

All development in a mine subsidence district (district) must be constructed in accordance with Subsidence Advisory NSW (SA NSW) approval.

SA NSW has set development guidelines to help landowners building within a mine subsidence district. The guidelines set out the requirements for building on a property based on potential subsidence risks.

SA NSW’s guidelines include requirements related to the nature and class of any development on a property, the size, height and location of new structures, and the use of certain building materials and construction methods.

Neighbouring properties in a district may have different guidelines. This is because SA NSW individually considers the subsidence risks on each property when determining the appropriate guideline. This may occur when one property is mined beneath while the neighbouring is not.

Find the SA NSW development guideline for properties in mine subsidence districts via the NSW Planning Portal

1. Visit the NSW Planning Portal at

2. Search for the property by street address or Lot and DP.

3. Once the property is displayed on the map and the address is shown under ‘Property Details’, click ‘Planning Layers’ in the left-hand side navigation bar.

Note: If the property is located in a mine subsidence district, ‘Mine Subsidence’ will appear above the grey line in the ‘Planning Layers’ view.

4. Click ‘Mine Subsidence’ then ‘Mine Subsidence Development’ to view details of the SA NSW development guideline that applies to the property i.e. ‘Subsidence Advisory NSW Guideline 2’.

Note: Details of the SA NSW development guideline that applies to the property are also included in the Property Report available for download. To download the report, click the green ‘Property Report’ button on the top right-hand corner of the page.

5. Once you have identified the SA NSW development guideline that applies to a property, you can download a full copy of the relevant Guideline from SA NSW’s website.

Download a copy of the relevant SA NSW development guideline

If you know the development guideline for a property, you can download a full copy by selecting the appropriate guideline from the list below:

Guideline 1

Guideline 2

Guideline 3

Guideline 4

Guideline 5

Guideline 6

Guideline 7

Guideline 8

Please contact SA NSW on (02) 4908 4300 between 8:30am and 4:30pm, Monday to Friday if you have any questions regarding development guidelines or approval processes.

Changes to development regulation

SA NSW is making changes to streamline and improve the development approval process in mine subsidence districts. You can find out more about the changes here.