Pre-mining inspections

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Pre-mining inspections

Subsidence Advisory NSW (SA NSW) encourages property owners in areas where underground mining is planned in the near future to have a pre-mining inspection (PMI) carried out on their property.

PMIs are free of charge and facilitate a straightforward claims process if a property is impacted by mine subsidence.

The purpose of a PMI is to determine the condition of a property prior to mining. PMIs are an added protection for property owners to ensure they receive adequate compensation to return their property to its pre-mining condition should it be impacted by subsidence.

SA NSW often engages consultants accredited by Master Builders Australia to undertake PMIs. During the PMI, the inspector will document the condition of the property using photographs and survey levels. PMI’s take approximately two hours to complete.

Following the PMI, SA NSW provides the property owner with a detailed report on the condition of their property prior to mining. This report can be used as a reference to identify potential damage once mining has occurred.

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